Beshaped Coach - Diane Du Preez

•Trifocus academy fitness -Personal training certification .
•Bodybugg Calorie management system certification.
•CPR certification.
•Nutritional certification

Interest and Accomplishments:
•PSN supplement and accessories brand ambassador
•Trained bikini chosen for PCS world’s
•Trained figure competitor
•MS PCA personality Overall PCA
•Attending fitness expos


How this became my passion and lifestyle?! I was always disappointed of myself by starting something and never finishing it..There was a time in my life where I felt I had no place or purpose. Fitness was always apart of my life and what everybody wants is a GORGEOUS physic ,but I could never commit, because it was so easy to quit. One day one decision changed my life. Everything negative I transformed in Positive. Every obstacle I knew I was going to demolish the challenge , of course it wasn’t mentally easy at all.To change the way you were living and thinking after 21 years was the hardest to do. I started PT and I was spending most modern times at the gym. Not once in 3 month I looked in the mirror,  after a month I finally looked and I was shocked and cried , because it’s everything I ever wanted ..I want you to feel that feeling,  nothing can beat that! Its impossible until its done!I’m a personal trainer, life coach,competitive bodybuilding coach and trainer.

Join our Beshaped team and we can help you reach your desired dreams & goals going forward.


My motto : recovery is results!  If your nutrition is point on according to you body types, results is Guaranteed!!! I design my meal plan to be fun,healthy and delicious. .I specialize in fat loss because there are no better exercising techniques than Functional training and Hypertrophy. .If I’m your training/ coach pushing you over your limits is my jobs ,so that you can see what your capable of!! I train athletes in endurance, speed, conditioning to preform at they’re very best (Competitive bodybuilding female/male , Runners , swimmers ,Rugby players ,cyclists etc.) 100% success rate ..I’ll set you up with a insane costume meal and training plan according your end goals .. Take if step by step and demolish every challenge.