Beshaped Coach - Dewald Swart


ACE-American Council on Exercise
ETA-Exercise Teachers Academy
Group Exercise-Boot Camp, Pilates, Power Step, Spinning, Box
Nutrition and advanced nutrition.

Group Exercise-Boot Camp, Pilates, Power Step, Spinning, Box


I have started training since I was 12 , after school my passion was always to become the best trainer and nutritionist so I got my international qualification in personal training , and nutrition is all areas highest level of learning. The 10 years of experience in training clients, hosting challenges, online coaching and training we have build the fundamental basis of changing ordinary peoples life’s, so that they feel better about themselves and better their self esteems and we have build the knowledge in taking sport specific clients to the next level , increasing them as athletes in performance. I have been competing in varies shows, from bodybuilding to fitness and physique and taking clients to stepping on stage. I have also been chosen to represent Pca at worlds this year in England 28th October 2018.

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body transformations,weight loss, muscle hypertrophy and strength, sports conditioning, sports specific training, endurance , bodybuilding and getting people ready to step on stage, also specialize in functional training.